Administrative Services

  • Calendar management

  • Email management

  • Creating/managing databases of contacts, leads, clients, etc.

  • Booking appointments and calls

  • Making travel arrangements

  • Monitoring voicemail

  • File management (Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.)

  • Data Entry

  • Generating forms, PDFs, spreadsheets, etc.

  • PDF conversion/merging/splitting

  • Drafting letters, emails, etc.

  • Preparing agendas

  • Customer service (answering inquiries, handling orders/returns)

  • Sending cards/gifts/flowers (thank you’s, holidays, birthdays, etc.)

  • Reviewing/proofreading contracts 

Other Industry-Specific Services

Real Estate

  • Email campaigns

  • Lead management

  • Marketing mailings

  • Social media posts and management

We have experience in the publishing and healthcare industries as well!​

Check out our bookkeeping services for details on how we can free you up from tracking your money so you can focus on making it!

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